Is the 3rd wave of corona coming: positivity rate increased by 3% in one month in Kerala and 2.7% in Mizoram, decreased by 1.4% in Maharashtra

3 min readAug 9, 2021

In excess of 40 thousand new cases of Corona are coming every day in the country. Researchers are of the assessment that the third wave might come in August itself, however assuming we talk about the covid test positivity rate, the figures will give alleviation.

Between May 1 and August 1, the country’s covid test positivity rate has dropped by 18.9%. Prior to the subsequent wave, this rate had expanded by 5.7% between March 1 and April 1. Solely after this, the subsequent wave caused destruction in the country.

During the second wave between April 15 and May 15, an expansion of 3.7% was found in the positivity rate. In comparison, between July 7 and August 7, the positivity rate in the nation has expanded by 0.1%.

what is the covid test positivity rate?

The number of individuals who report positive out of 100 individuals who complete the covid19 test in seven days is called the positivity rate. A decline in the positivity rate is a decent sign.

Positivity rate expanded in two out of 10 states with the most noteworthy number of cases

Discussing the states with the most elevated number of cases in the country, around 20 thousand new cases are being enrolled every day in Kerala. After Kerala, the covid report of in excess of 6 thousand individuals is coming positive day by day in Maharashtra, yet the positivity has expanded in Kerala and it has diminished in Maharashtra. Aside from this, solitary Mizoram, which is among the main 10 states with new cases, has seen an increment in the energy rate.

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu are recording the most extreme number of new cases after Kerala and Maharashtra. Interestingly, within a month, the positivity rate has likewise descended in these three states. It has diminished by 0.5% in Karnataka, 1% in Tamil Nadu, and 1.4% in Andhra Pradesh. Out of these five states, with the exception of Kerala, there has been more recuperation than new cases between July 7 and August 7.

The condition of the states with the most noteworthy number of new cases

Kerala: Between July 7 and August 7, 5.22 lakh new cases were enlisted, while 4.48 lakh individuals crushed the illness. In the interim here the positivity rate expanded by 3%.

Karnataka: The positivity rate was 1.6% on 7th July, which came down to 1.1% on 7th August. During this, 54,589 new cases were registered in the state and 68,751 people defeated the disease.

Tamil Nadu: Between July 7 and August 7, 66,504 new cases were registered, while 79,201 people defeated the disease. Meanwhile, the positivity rate decreased by 1% here.

Andhra Pradesh: Between July 7 and August 7, 69,027 new cases were registered, while 80,414 people defeated the disease. During this period, the positivity rate here decreased by 1.4%.

Mizoram: Between July 7 and August 7, 421 new cases were registered, while 633 people defeated the disease. Here the positivity rate has increased by 2.7% during this period.

Is the 3rd wave coming?

Many experts opined that the rise of positivity in these states is really a matter of concern and it is almost clear that the third wave is hitting the country.

Govt of India is also giving close attention to these change are getting ready to fight once again.

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